Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Illustrator Gruau inspires Designer Galliano

I always try to express the designs of designers in an illustration.

René Gruau is one of my favorite illustrators. This illustrator made the most amazing imaginary illustrations in the fourties and fifties. One of his illustrations is hanging in my bedroom.

And now Galliano expresses the signature of Gruau’s illustrations in Haute Couture dresses.
And yes I love it!!!
And now John Galliano salutes this great illustrator by creating a complete collection of true fashion in the DIOR couture show he presented today. “The graphite smears, pencil strokes and scribbles, erasure marks, and gouache washes of Gruau's illustrations were duplicated in cloth and embroidery, said the designer, " in an illustrative way."

Did you know that John Galliano studied to become a fashion illustrator??


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