Sunday, 1 September 2013

FASHION FAVOURITE | Louis Vuitton in trashcan


My workspace started to shrink by the day. Stacks of paper, magazines, materials, etc. were taking over my room. I finally took some time to clean up, re-organize my workplace and a excellent moment to archive my latest work.

This illustration is one of my favourites and was a experiment with disposables. This time a pair of scissors and a hobby knife were my working tools too. I choose one of my favourite looks from the Louis Vuitton FW 2012 collection and a nice pose. Then I cut out the coatdress from a yellow discloth. A first I didn't know how to create the squashed Stephen Jones hat. The next morning I baked an egg for my son Issey, I threw away the empty brown egg carton, and there it was ... , ... my Louis Vuitton hat, in the trashcan.
I used the egg carton to cut layers for the giant hat. I could now continue my collage. I then painted the hat and coatdress in the right colours. The big and oversized sunglasses are glassbeads, the enormous crystal buttons are bubble wrap and sequins. With other scrap material I finished the platform pumps in the collage. This illustration was so much fun, something completely new for me.

The moment I felt the excitement again watching this illustration, I knew I wanted to share more of my work with you. So please feel free to visit my website NHMILLUSTRATIONS and see more new work.

Right now my workplace is ready for another new fashion season, hopefully full of new fashion favourites.