Sunday, 20 May 2012


Beautiful portrait of Coco Chanel on large canvas by Spanish Artist LITA CABELLUT. She highlights the black and the white which are essential colours that relate to Coco Chanel’s work, this has become the sign of French elegance. Cabellut has mastered her own technique with the brush as she prepares a surface which cracks, this creates a visual strength of the piece. She is considered as a painter with a unique pictorial language, using a contemporary variation on the fresco-technique and her expressive pallet. At the age of 13, after a visit at the Prado-museum, she got enthusiastic about the old Spanish- and Dutch Court-master-painters. Consequently, she started to take classical paint-techniques-classes taught for times a week by an old master painter. On the age of 17, Cabellut had her first exhibition at the Town Hall of Masnou, Barcelona. Enjoy, Nancy