Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pintando una Canción

This amazing video for the song “Soy Ti Aire” is still one of the most beautiful and sensuous video's I have ever seen.

Go to soytuaire labuat, move your cursor, and just ....

.... ENJOY,


Thursday, 19 May 2011


The Glamourai [click to enlarge illustration]

I love to visit the blog of The Glamourai.
She has an amazing style and shows great poses. I share her obsession for Fashion, Interiors and People. She shows glamour in various ways.

Brimfields Antiques Market [Pics by The Glamourai]

89-year old Style Icon Iris Apfel [pics by The Glamourai]

I enjoyed especially her posts of Brimfields Antiques Market and Manhattan Casa Apfel. Style icon Iris Apfel is also known as Rara Avis, meaning rare bird. Glamour is also about daring to be different. To combine which normally isn't merged. To bring different styles together and make it your own Glamour.